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Stardust Memory (Limit 1 Max Per Customer)

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Stardust Memory (Limit 1 Max Per Customer)

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As you’re navigating through the darkness of space, somehow you reached a place where mighty fortress Solomon once resides. You stumbled upon an individual and out of curiosity you decided to check him out

[Unknown individual] OH! Hi hello there! I wasn’t expecting anyone to be flying through this “Graveyard”. You must have great skills evading all this debris, you remind me of him!

[You] …?

[Unknown individual] You know, the Nightmare of Solomon! Anyhow my name is Shin and I’ve been trying to find some treasures on this sea of Solomon for the past few days. I happened to stumble upon this! (see picture on the left)

As Shin was showing it to you, you saw “Stardust Memory” was written on it. It doesn’t look damaged but certainly look old

[Shin] I believe this contains a great secret, I can recover the data inside. Unfortunately that requires some funding which I do not have *sigh*. Will you be kind enough to invest and I will share whatever I find with you?

[You] …..

[Shin] I promised you won’t regret it! I only have this many left (see number above that ends with “in stock”), I only need this much (see number above with $ sign) and of course the cost of sending whatever I found to you. Don’t forget about the tax that we need to pay to the Earth Federation, that is if you live on Earth like me. Don’t wait too long as well! I see others on their way here.

This is a loot box, what you receive will be random. Shipment will start between 2 to 4 weeks after purchase

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