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Gunpla 40th Anniversary Campaign!

by Arnold Widodo 14 Aug 2020 1 comment

One of the most exciting things that Bandai does from time to time is the Campaign Prizes and this year happens to be GunPla 40th Anniversary Campaign!

You can watch the YouTube video or read through down below




I'm sure you have a lot of questions if you're new or never heard of this before, now first thing first.


How do I get a campaign card?

You can get it at your local toy shop, hobby shop or events as well as online store like ours, although each place may have different policy but the common rule is you get 1 campaign card for each kit that you purchase (check with your local gunpla seller to know more) and of course this is valid while the stock last


When is the deadline to enter?

Campaign Period: 1st JUL 2020 - 30th NOV 2020
For USA: 1st AUG 2020 - 31st DEC 2020


How do I enter?

You must have a account that matches the region you're in (It is regional, so if you get a card from Japan and tried to use it on US it will not allow you or vice versa)

 For more details you can check here for step by step on how to enter

What does it look like?

Your campaign card will look like below


What do I do with the card once I enter the code?

Keep it safely! If you win you are required to show the card


When will I know whether or not if I win and how do I get the prize?

The winner will be announced after the campaign ends and will receive the prize via mail, please check below:

Winners will be drawn randomly by a computer system. The Lucky Draw results will be announced at the BANDAI SPIRITS Lucky Draw website.

Winners will be notified by email or phone within 1 month after the Lucky Draw end date about prize redemption.

Winners' BANDAI NAMCO ID account must be valid during the Campaign Period and at the time of redemption.

Winners are required to show valid Lucky Draw serial card and valid identification documents when they collect the prize and must collect them at the specified place within the specific period.

Winners who do not comply might forfeit the right to receive the prize.

All other expenses relating to the Prize is the responsibility of the winner.


What prize can I get?

This really depends on you, there are 5 courses of prizes that you can choose when you enter your code.


Hopefully this will help you navigate through and we wish you luck!

There are some issues that I've heard where when people select a certain course it is showing as a different course but I'm not sure if it's just a visual glitch or something else. If you see this is the case then you're not the only one experiencing it.

We do know a couple of people in person that won a prize from previous campaign so yes there is a chance that you can win!

Enjoy and FREEDOM!!!!!

930 x 520px


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1 comment

14 Aug 2020 John

Fantastic info!
Better find a safe spot to hoard my cards until next year….

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