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A Baoa Qu Loot Box (August 2020)

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A Baoa Qu Loot Box (August 2020)

During A Baoa Qu's prime, there were many reports mobile suits were constantly produced from within its depths. There were even rumors that Earth Federation mobile suits captured by Zeon were found stored as trophies or even researched for greater things

Since we have some influence inside, we were able to get Zeon to part with some of their special cargo (we do not know what is in store) for the right price!

This item is a loot box, what you will get is at least 1 model kit or more and possible combination of below (but not limited to):

  • Model Kit (Full Metal Panic is now included)
  • Accessory
  • Tool
  • Paint


Current loot box shipment will occur in mid to late August (discount code does not apply)

This is not a subscription, if you like to get the following month's box you will need to repurchase


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